The Pump App is Now Open to You!

In April, we soft-launched my app, the Pump, and all 5,000 spots sold out in 72 hours without ever sharing on social media. We spent the last 8 months building and improving based on input from those founding members, and today, we open to you. 

The Pump isn’t like other fitness apps, although it has workout programs designed by me and my team that helped the founding users see more progress than ever before. 

They succeeded because we don’t give you 6,000 options every day to train. We lock you into a 90 day program based on your level and goals instead of asking you to wake up every day and choose a new workout adventure that might or might not lead you to your vision.

 But the Pump is more than fitness. The village is the most positive community on the internet, filled with people lifting each other up through struggles and successes. It’s also a routine builder with a daily action planner to mark off the little steps you take each day toward your big vision. And it’s a place filled with unseen footage and photos fro m my archive, Q&A’s with me and my team, and advice. 

It’s an app to help you improve your life, for less than the cost of some of the apps that just make you angry. Check it out today. There’s a 7 day free trial so you can test it out, and like you, we’re always growing and improving. I guarantee you if you give us 90 days and finish your foundation program, you’ll be hooked. Welcome to The Pump. 

Sign up: thepump.app